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Ant Control - Flying Ants

Ants can rapidly become a nuisance if not dealt with correctly & efficiently, which is why we highly recommend you contact us sooner, rather than later, so a professional-grade ant treatment can be carried out before the problem escalates.

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What do ants look like? Where are their nests found?

The most common ant found in the UK is the "Garden Ant" aka the "Black Ant". A worker ant is dark brown in colour, between 3 to 5mm long with a segmented body. The queen ant is more of a medium brown colour & around three times longer than worker ants.

Ant nests are usually found in damp soil under stones, airbricks & along the bottom of walls. Garden ants are particularly attracted to sandy soils, with each nest containing upto 20,000 ants. Worker ants travel far from their nest in search of food, this is why they are usually found in kitchens. Once food has been found they will communicate this to their fellow ants by tapping them with their antennae. Ants leave scent trails so they can go back & forth to the food source from their nest. They're mostly attracted to sweet things, such as jams & fizzy pop; but will also take protein rich foods (meat etc).

Whilst ants do not carry diseases as such, they tend to transfer germs from travelling along unclean surfaces when searching for food.

What are "flying ants"?

Ants are most active between June & September when the weather is warmer. This is when mating of the garden ant takes place. Both sexes possess transparent wings. A large swarm of ants emerge from the nest to mate, flying in all directions, lasting for 2 to 3 hours (hence complaints of "flying ants"). After the mating flight, the males die & the females lose their wings.

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