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Dissimilar to wasps, the majority of bee species will not harm you unless you make them feel threatened, they will only sting you as a form of defense. 

Bees are infact very good for your garden, they are natural pollinators and without them there would be fewer flowers, fruits & vegetables. The number of bees in the UK are dramatically reducing, therefore we should be preserving them when possible.

Unlike many of our competitors, Burben Pest Control do not believe in treating bees unless completely necessary and all other options have been exhausted.

For more information & advice on relocating bees please contact Coventry's local beekeeper & friend of Burben Pest Control...

Peterson Cobbett

Tel: 02476 690669

Mob: 07592868751

Email: bee.swarm@yahoo.co.uk

You may also find the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website of interest

What can I do with a Honey Bee swarm?

When honey bees are swarming they form a large clump, which is the best time to collect them, before they take up residence in chimneys, air vents or any other building gaps. Once this happens it becomes harder & more expensive to extract the colony.

Are bees aggressive? Will they sting me?

Bumble bees are generally easy going non-aggressive bees...if you don't bother them, they won't bother you. They usually leave of their own accord at the end of Summer to early Autumn.

Solitary bees are also quite docile, only the females have a sting & they rarely use it unless you manhandle them.

Honey bees die from abdominal trauma when they sting you, so they will only sting if they feel you pose a threat to them.

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