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Are cockroaches a health risk?

Cockroaches are a major health hazard as they carry several diseases such as Salmonella, Shigella, E-coli, Staphyloccus, Streptoccous, Psuedomonas and Mycobacterium. The pathogens they carry do not affect the insect but are distributed through their faeces and from smears on food & food services, ready to be picked up by humans. Cockroaches are damaging to property, health, food and reputation by contaminating kitchens and products. Environmental Health authorities will not tolerate this, if cockroaches are found during an inspection the results can be costly to you and your business. Commercial food premises are most at risk from cockroaches.

What does the German Cockroach look like?

Light brownish colour with two dark brown stripes on thorax, and 1cm to 1.5cm in length. These cockroaches are capable of climbing smooth surfaces. Though the female is slightly larger and broader than the male, both sexes have wings. Their wings are used for gliding when they jump, not flying. They are usually found in kitchens and restaurants.

What does the Oriental Cockroach look like?

Dark reddish brown to black in colour, and 2cm to 2.4cm in length. The males wings extend to the end of the abdomen, the females wings are much reduced. They cannot climb smooth surfaces like most cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches prefer moist areas but can survive in dry areas if there is access to water. They are most likely to be found in cellars, kitchens, bakeries and drains.

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