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Falconry For Bird Control - Pigeon & Gull Deterrent

Burben Pest Control can provide you with a bird control / bird management service using birds of prey such as falcons & harris hawks to help deter scavenger birds (pigeons, gulls etc). This falconry / bird control method is especially effective for industrial buildings, landfill sites, transfer stations & airfields. Our highly experienced & knowledgeable falconers can offer you a quality service at an excepetional price.

Though we are based around Coventry, our bird control / falconry services are available through most parts of the UK. Please contact us to find out if our falconry services are available in your area.

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Where & Why Falconry For Bird Control Can Be Effective

Airfields & Hangers Limit ground/air strikes from birds, avoid bird & plane collisions, costs of bird fouling clearance & disease control, cancellations of landings/take-offs due to flocks of birds.

Hospitals - Due to hospitals having many sheltered areas, they are popular roosting places for pest birds especially pigeons. Bird fouling is a big health hazard for staff & patients due to the disease risk as well as the risk of serious injury from slipping on wet foul on walkways and such.

Industrial Buildings / Warehouses
During breeding season gulls can become very aggressive & attack passers by to protect their nest/chicks, bird fouling build up can spread disease & also cause serious injury from slipping on wet foul on walkways, bird foul also causes extensive damage to buildings & steel work.

Landfill Sites Very attractive to scavenger birds as these sites are a great source of food, large flocks of birds can cause dangerous visibility issues for machine operators, nesting birds can become aggressive & become a serious health hazard due to disease spread.

Transfer StationsDue to constant flow of waste these sites are very attractive to pigeons, gulls & corvids because it is a perfect roosting environment & food source. Large flocks of birds causes large build ups of bird foul becoming hazardous to humans as well as buildings, steel work & machinery.

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