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Flea Control - Cat & Dog Fleas Infestation

Fleas breed extremely fast, so it is recommended you call us as soon as possible, so the problem can be dealt with before getting out of hand.

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What do fleas look like?

The most common domestic species of flea is the "cat flea" and the "dog flea". They are of a brownish colour, and about 3mm in length. Though they do not have wings, fleas can jump over 30cm, which is what makes it so easy for them to pass from pet to pet (or human).

What can I do to help prevent a flea infestation?

It is important you check your pet regularly for fleas. The easiest way is to stand your pet on a piece of white paper or material, and comb the fur backwards, to see if any eggs (shiny and oval shaped) or droppings (tiny black specks) fall. Alternatively, part your pets fur so you can see the skin to check, especially the scruff of the neck. Make sure all pet bedding is washed as often as possible.

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