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What are the most common flies found in the UK?

There are over 100,000 different species of fly existing throughout the world, but the most common species found in the UK are the Cluster Fly, the Bluebottle, the Greenbottle, the House Fly & the Lesser House Fly.

What attracts & causes fly infestations?

Flies prefer moist & warm environments to lay their eggs. Flies most commonly lay their eggs on dead or rotting flesh but also lay them in soil & on plants.

An infestation of flies can sometimes mean there is an underlying issue such as rats or mice. 

What ways are there to prevent & control fly issues?

The best way to prevent fly problems in commercial properties are to install fly screening and/or electronic fly killer units.

Burben Pest Control can offer you a fly screening service. PVC strip doors/curtains, chain link doors and fly screens are available, these prevent flies from entering property. This service offers a pre-installation site survey to measure for off-site custom manufacturing of products to meet the correct requirements, along with full installation.

Burben Pest Control can also supply electric fly killer units for your premises. Our service includes supply & installation, along with electronic fly killer maintenance if you have one of our pest control & prevention commercial contracts.

Contact us for more information on fly screening & eletronic fly killers.

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