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What do mice look like?

There are two main species of mice that cause pest problems in Britain, they are the House Mouse, and the Field Mouse.

The head & body of a House Mouse measures between 80 to 100mm long, their tail measures between 80 to 100mm long also. Their fur is of a brownish grey colour & they have a pointed nose.

The head & body of a Field Mouse measures between 80 to 90mm long, their tail measures between 80 to 90mm long also. They are red to brown in colour with a creamy coloured underbelly. The eyes & ears of a Field Mouse are larger than a House Mouse.

Where do mice usually live?

The House Mouse is the most common domestic pest as it prefers to nest indoors, usually in cavity walls, under floorboards, near hot pipes, above ceiling tiles, in roof voids & the bottom of lift shafts.

What are the signs of a rodent infestation?

  • Droppings (grouped or scattered)
  • Footprints
  • Gnawing marks through cables, foods & hard materials
  • Musty / stale odours
  • Noises such as squeaking, scratching & rustling
  • Small mounds consisting of dirt & urine
  • Smear marks (usually along skirting boards or holes)

What damage can mice cause?

Mice can cause damage to both your property & your health. Mice carry diseases such as salmonella & tapeworm, making them a major health hazard. They cause damage to your property by chewing through wires & pipes, which can cause fires & floods. Also they cause damage to things such as upholstery, clothing & furniture.

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