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Pharaoh Ant Control

It is extremely important that you never attempt to treat Pharaoh Ants yourself. The incorrect treatment of Pharaoh Ants such as using aerosols & sprays causes the ants to scatter & build lots of smaller nests, making the infestation severely worse! Therefore it is important to call us for the safe & correct removal of a Pharaoh Ant infestation.

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What does a Pharaoh Ant look like?

The Pharaoh Ant is almost transparent & is yellow to brown in colour with a darker coloured abdomen. They are usually around 2mm long.

Where are Pharaoh Ant's usually found?

Pharaoh Ants are originally from the tropics, and are the most difficult ants to treat. They are very commonly found large buildings with central heating such as hospitals & office blocks but can also be found in houses & smaller commercial properties.