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Rabbit Control - Wildlife Management

The current rabbit population in the UK is estimated over 40 million, with the female rabbit (doe) being able to have upto five litters per year, each litter consisting of a minimum of four young.

Rabbits cause over £200,000,000 worth of damage in the UK per year to crops, plants and land. Rabbits can also cause problems to building structures, along with being a potential fire risk if they decide to take up residence under buildings.

As well as structural & land damage, it is also important to control rabbits as a matter of animal welfare to help reduce the outbreak of Myxomatosis.

Myxomatosis is a dreadful & severe viral disease that causes immense suffering in rabbits. Afffected rabbits become blind & develop lumpy nodular swellings on their head & body. Excessive pus discharges from the rabbits nose & eyes (which can often be sealed shut).

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