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Wasp Control - Wasps Nest Removal

Burben Pest Control provide a wasp control service by injecting professional-grade insecticidal dust into the wasp nest.

Wasps do not use the same wasp nest twice, so it is not neccessary to remove the wasp nest as they usually disintergrate with time. However, for your peace of mind we can return a few days after treatment to remove the wasp nest at an additional charge if required.

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What do wasps & wasp nests look like?

The body of the Common Wasp (also known as the Yellow-Jacket Wasp) is made up of black & yellow bands. The length of a wasp varies between 18 to 23mm depending on if it is an adult queen (23mm), an adult male (22mm) or an adult worker (18mm).

A wasp nest is usually made up of chewed bark & dried timber mixed with saliva, and is a light grey/biege colour with a papery appearance. Wasp nests are most commonly found in the eaves of a building, attics, roof spaces, airbricks, sheds, cavity walls & sometimes trees.

Are wasp stings dangerous?

Wasp stings are painful, though not usually dangerous unless you're allergic. The venom from a wasp sting can cause soreness to the skin, along with redness, swelling & itching.

Some people may experience an anaphylactic shock which can be life threatening so be sure to seek medical attention if you develop the following symptoms after being stung...

  • a tingling or burning sensation particularly in hands & feet
  • difficulty breathing / swelling of the throat
  • a rapid drop in blood pressure / dizzyness
  • nausea / stomach cramps
  • confusion / anxiety / a feeling of impending doom

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