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Bird Fouling / Pigeon Guano Clearance

Burben Pest Control provide a bird foul clearance & disease control service to remove & sanitise areas that have been heavily fouled, usually by pigeons.

Birds such as pigeons heavily foul where they roost, not only is this unsightly, but can be extremely damaging to buildings, as well as a serious risk to your health. Their droppings are acidic, and over time can erode through stone. They can also cause flooding by clogging up gutters & pipes.

Pigeons carry over 40 different dieases that can be passed to humans, along with respiratory illnesses & allergic skin reactions. This can be passed to humans through contact with droppings, feathers & parasites, or via water/food sources that have been contaminated by a dead infected pigeon.

Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see an example of some before & after photos from one of our bird fouling/guano clearance jobs.

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