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Many business owners believe they do not need a pest control contract in place if they do not have a current pest problem. This is far from the case, prevention is just as important as cure when it comes to controlling pests. Having a professional pest control contract in place protects the health of your customers & employees, aswell as protecting your reputation.

If you have a business premises that has a kitchen or deals with food in anyway, then a pest control contract is important to achieve good compliance with health & safety legislation.

Being contracted with a reputable pest control company will also have a positive effect on your "scores on the doors" rating, and will reflect well on you to Environmental Health auditors. Burben Pest Control also works closely with a hygiene & food safety expert who can assist you with getting (or keeping) a 5-star Food Hygiene rating on your next audit.

You will have no doubt read or head many stories about businesses being closed down by Environmental Health due to pest issues; 9 times out of 10 these businesses do not have a pest control contract in place. This is usually when a business owner has decided to attempt their own amateur pest control, which is not sufficient enough due to the lack of professional-grade products & knowledge. These businesses always end up having to pay out thousands of pounds in fines, loss of products & loss of business due to closure; not to mention the damage it causes to their reputation.

Our pest control contract service is available throughout Coventry, London and the rest of England & Wales.

Can you afford not to have a pest control contract?

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We provide contracts for all business types, such as....

Bakeries - Butchers - Cafes - Care Homes - Community Centres - Convenience Stores Factories - Food Manufacturers - Golf Courses - Hospitals - Hotels - Landfill Sites
Leisure Centres - Office Blocks - Packaging Manufacturers - Places Of Worship - Pubs
Recycling Centres - Restaurants - Retail Shops - Storage Units - Supermarkets
Takeaway Shops - Transfer Centres - Tyre Shops - Warehouses
Waste Management Centres

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